Coughs, Fever & Other Minor Ailments

Coughing is a reflex mechanism by which your body tries to clear an irritant from the throat. An occasional cough can be considered normal, whereas prolonged coughing that produces discolored sputum may be an indication of an underlying condition such as a common cold to something more serious such as tuberculosis or heart failure.

A fever is your body telling you that there is something going wrong inside. Like a cough, it can indicate a simple infection or something more serious such as a tumor. Sometimes it is better to let the fever run its course. However, a persistent temperature of greater than 100° F in children and greater than 103° F in adults may be a cause of concern. Untreated fever can lead to hallucinations, severe dehydration and seizures.

If you are experiencing prolonged symptoms of cough, fever, and other minor ailments that do not seem to be getting better please go see our doctors at Boca Raton Regional Hospital Urgent Care for timely care.

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