Minor Burn Treatment

Burns are injuries to the skin caused by contact with heat, radiation, electricity or chemicals. They are classified according to the depth of injury as:

  • First degree burns affect the outer layer of the skin
  • Second degree burns affect both the outer and middle layer of the skin
  • Third degree burns affect all three layers of the skin, along with the sweat glands and nerve endings

Based on this, burns are categorized as major and minor burns. All first-degree and second-degree burns that involve burns smaller than 2-3 inches are usually classified as minor burns.

Before treating burns, it is vital to determine the type of burn, as major burns require immediate medical attention. You need to go to the A & E department of a hospital for burns:

  • larger than the size of your palm
  • caused by chemicals or electricity
  • causing charred or white skin (full thickness burns)
  • causing blisters (partial thickness burns on the face, arms, feet or genitals)

The first aid advice for treating burns includes the following:

  • Remove the person from the area if further injury can occur.
  • Cool the burn to help soothe the pain with cool or lukewarm water. Never use ice.
  • Remove any clothing or jewelry from the burned area.
  • Do not remove things stuck to the skin.

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